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*Each school has a list of a la carte items. Please contact your school for a list of these items and their pricing.


School Meal Changes for 2022-2023

Exenciones de comidas


As the new school year begins, make sure to let parents and student guardians know of the changes to the federal meal waivers by sharing this short SNA-developed video, available in both English and Spanish. This crucial information will allow families to plan ahead, explore and apply for assistance.


A medida que comienza el nuevo año escolar, recuerde informar a los padres y tutores de los estudiantes sobre los cambios en las exenciones federales de comidas. Esta información crucial permitirá a las familias planificar con anticipación, explorar y solicitar programas de asistencia. Para más información

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Visit the SchoolCafe image link above to find the following:

  • View your child's purchase history.

  • Set up automatic payments.

  • Make one-time payments.

  • Receive low balance alerts.

  • Apply for free/reduced meals

Daily menus are available on each school website and through our app.

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Leftover Lunch Balance?

If your student has a leftover lunch balance, you have several options:

  • Leave the balance for use next year

    • This works great if your student is returning next year.

  • Transfer the balance to a sibling's account

    • This works well for recent graduates with younger siblings.

    • Send an email to

    • Include student's name, parent's name, current address, phone number, and name of sibling.

  • Request a refund

  • You can donate leftover funds to pay off balances for students in need.

    • We appreciate your generosity!

    • Send an email to

    • Include student's name, parent's name, current address, and phone number.