Innovative and Esteemed Communications

The District Communications Department works to enhance the image of Springdale Schools through public relations, event production, curriculum support, and serving as a liaison to the media. Additionally in cooperation with Career and Technical Programs and EAST Programs, the department assists educators and students of Springdale in the use of digital communications technology, communication tools, and other innovative resources. The goals of the District Communications Department are to:

  • Inform the public of the excellent education that occurs on a daily basis in the Springdale School District

  • Design and implement strategies to leverage media and create a measurable impact

  • Synergize the content creation process across multiple buildings toward a shared image and common goals

  • Facilitate and provide high-quality information and programming that enhances the image of Springdale Public Schools

  • Implement hands-on learning in multimedia for students while collaborating with partners and businesses to provide a seamless transition to a successful post-secondary life

  • Oversee a student-inclusive communications department that equips the community with positive reflections of activities in our schools

ESL Communications

Diversity Makes Springdale Stronger!

Springdale is home to over 50 nationalities with up to 41 spoken languages! Demographics of our student body is over 45% Hispanic and 15% Marshallese. The ESL Communications division of the department leads the effort to maintain a transparent and inclusive information resource for as many Springdale students and families as possible. Important information on the web is translated to Spanish in parity, informational fliers and posters are translated to our three major languages, and exclusive video content for Spanish-speaking and Marshallese-speaking families are created regularly by the ESL Communications team. Outreach to ESL families is coordinated through community partnerships, direct communications, and Springdale Schools' alternate language social media pages.

In partnership with the ESL Department, the Communications Department is pleased to grow into better serving all of our community. All Means All.


Partnerships are the cornerstone of our effort to provide students with opportunities and resources.

The Springdale Schools Communications Department is proud to partner with the most influential local organizations in film, broadcast, and business. Springdale students are welcome to participate in many of these community partnerships, whether it be learning hands-on as staff of community broadcast events or working with industry professionals creating high-level media content for public outreach efforts.

Film students of Springdale Schools have had the unparalleled distinction of operating as media staff for the two premiere Arkansas film festivals.

A series of logos of companies and organizations that the Springdale Schools Communications Department has partnered with.

A recap video of the 5th Annual Bentonville Film Festival, featuring camera work and interviews by Springdale students.

The 2019 recap of Fayetteville Film Fest, documented entirely by film students of Springdale Schools.