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Springdale School District
Springdale School District about 10 hours ago

Free All Day and After School Childcare for Essential Workers while funds last. Please click the link below to learn more.

Springdale School District
Springdale School District 4 days ago

Please join Kevin Conkin, Co-Director of Transportation, about Bus and Transportation Back to School information.

Topics include:
-Routes & Times
-Disinfecting Busses
-Expectations for Bus Riders
and more

Springdale School District
Springdale School District 11 days ago

Please join Dr. Tara Harshaw, Director of Special Education for Springdale regarding the 2020-2021 School Year for Special Education Families. In English, Spanish and Marshallese

Springdale School District
Springdale School District 4 months ago

Our AMI packets are available on the web at, or look for the AMI button on your schools' website. In addition to the required lessons, you'll find helpful resources for each grade level including videos and translations for grades K - 2. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued partnership and support.
Nuestros paquetes de AMI están disponibles en la web

o busque el botón AMI en el sitio web de su escuela. Además de las lecciones requeridas, encontrará recursos útiles para cada nivel de grado, incluyendo videos y traducciones para los grados K - 2. Por favor, póngase en contacto con el maestro de su hijo si tiene alguna pregunta. Gracias por su continua colaboración y apoyo.
AMI packet ko am rebed ilo website ne, ak bukot ilo AMI button eo ilo website eo an jikuul. Kakobabalok ilo lesson ko kom aikuj kommani, kom naaj loe resource ko renaaj lukkun jiban nan kajojo kireet labol ekoba video im ukook ko nan kilaaj K - 2. Jouj im kirlok rikaki eo an ajiri eo najim elane ewor am kajjitok. Kommol kin am wonmaanlok wot im paatnor ippam im barainwot jappoot ko am rellap.